A well-oiled tool for document sharing is an essential part of the digital workflow. It allows teams to share information, collaborate on projects and collaborate from any location. A complete online document management tool can be the key to efficiency and productivity, whether it’s memos from teams, project plans or software documentation.

There are a variety of ways to share documents, with the majority of platforms providing a range of features that users can choose from. The best option for your needs depends on what your business needs. Some of the more popular choices include Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Some of these tools provide collaboration capabilities that allow users to edit and discuss documents.

Zoho Docs allows users to create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. It works with a variety of applications for offices, and comes with various collaboration tools such as in-document comments, suggestions and chat. This service requires that each user has an Zoho Account which is not a good fit for large organizations with many employees.

Nuclino is a workspace that integrates that helps teams collaborate with documents and organize their knowledge to manage tasks. The platform supports real-time collaboration on asynchronous projects and also offers a variety of document editing capabilities including the visual drag-and drop editor as well as various formatting options. Teams can arrange documents into subpages, and access to them can be restricted by permission settings. Nuclino also integrates with more than 1,000 work tools, making it easy for teams to connect their most-used apps and simplify their workflows.