Many startups think “What should I include in my data room?”

If you’re looking for Series A funding, or even Seed/Angel funding, the solution is quite simple to use a well-organized, user-friendly virtual deal room. This step is an integral part of the investment due diligence process, ensuring that all investors have an identical experience and clear details about how your business operates.

Include operational data such as customer lists contracts with suppliers and employee handbooks. Including legal information such as incorporation documents, intellectual property filings and more is vital for a review by investors. Investors can then make informed decisions once they have fully knowing the company’s position on the market. Also, information related to commercial such as competitor analysis, sales figures and marketing strategies must all be part of your investor data room.

You’ll also want to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your data. To control this, you’ll need a VDR solution that offers high-level security features like keeping members separate from one another and hiding the original upload date of each document. This is a great method to protect confidential information from being disclosed to unintentional people.

A trusted virtual room can let you know which documents were looked at, how long, and when. This information allows you to design a customized presentation for each investor, and concentrate on the information they value most.