It can be a challenge to navigate and implement self-promotion through marketing. The trick is to put yourself in the spectator’s shoes and making sure you promote your strengths and products in ways that best benefit them, not just boasting. Personal Branding, along with conducting market research using tools such as Keywordtool or Answer The Public, can be very useful.

Self-promotion is mostly done to establish a strong reputation that can help you develop your career or increase the number of clients you attract. A strong reputation is a result of a mix which includes creating a genuine branding and networking, being an effective team player and logging your achievements.

A common mistake people commit is self-promotion and not bothering to advertise their work, product or achievement in a way that makes it more interesting for the audience to connect with. Some people over-promote their work, believing that if they display their unique skills or qualifications at every occasion, people will be interested.

The best option is to find a healthy balance of both and make use of a variety of tools and platforms for self promotion, including social media (especially Instagram and TikTok) email marketing, website creation as well as podcasts and vlogging. This last option is particularly effective because it allows viewers to interact with you and discuss your work. A custom website lets you post your latest blogs, vlogs and news. This allows for an in-depth interaction with your audience.

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