A secure data room is an online repository that permits businesses to share sensitive business documents with external parties in a secure setting. It’s used in various business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, IPOs, legal proceedings and other commercial events where it is crucial that external parties read confidential documents without exposing the company to possible breach and creating a compliance issue.

Secure Data Room Features

The best virtual data storage services offer the latest security features that protect your private information from malicious actors. They include intrusion and virus protection, encryption of data (at rest and during transit) and network firewalls and other features to ensure that your data is protected from cyberattacks and theft.

The ability to monitor and restrict access to the data room is one the most important aspects of a safe dataroom. This is important because most data breaches happen due to human error. For instance, clicking on a hyperlink or downloading a file with personal information. A secure data room can prevent these kinds of mistakes by preventing downloads, as well as providing detailed activity reports and alerts.

NDA Gating is a different common feature. This lets companies create an invitation to the data room using a unique NDA link that expires after a specified period of time. NDA gatekeeping makes it easy for businesses to keep their information private https://securedataroom.net/deal-flow-predictor-forecasts-how-to-use-and-improve-the-prognosis/ and still allow a potential investor or buyer to see a full data set and evaluate the business.