A successful board meeting is dependent on a variety of factors. A team that is knowledgeable and efficient is among the most important. The process of planning and conducting board meetings can be a difficult procedure that can take a considerable amount of time. Even for directors who work at home, tasks such as finding the most convenient times for board meetings, or disseminating materials to the board could be a pain.

Fortunately, there are digital tools that can simplify these difficult tasks. Many of them are also free. Board management software is a vital instrument to assist in coordinating and run effective board meetings. These tools facilitate the process of preparing and participating in board meetings by streamlining collaboration, recording and dispersing board materials.

While the majority of these digital devices focus on collaborative whiteboards. However, a few of them have more advanced features. Mural and Miro, for example are popular online whiteboards that can be used both for one-onone sessions or large group workshops or conferences. Both provide a range of workshop and meeting templates that can assist with planning, design, and brainstorming.

Stormboard is a collaborative whiteboard that provides a more specific solution for brainstorming and project planning. It has a similar interface to sticky notes, users can drop notes and index cards that contain text images, videos or links into various sections of the Stormboard canvas. Stormboard integrates with numerous other apps, and comes with functions like text chat, voting system, and assignments. It is available on both Apple and Android devices.

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