Data room confidential mode stops anyone who is not authorized from accessing your computer’s information. It allows a manager of an information area to limit the use of the space for digital data by a certain user according to their Internet Protocol address or system. This is a crucial feature for M&A deals where sensitive information such as research results and copyrighted products, may be shared.

You can easily track user activity using audit trails. This includes the date and the location of downloads, who looked at the files, what was deleted and much more.

With fence view and view only mode, you can view documents in a secure environment. These options ensure that your sensitive information remains secure by prohibiting users from printing download, saving, or screenshotting documents. This feature ensures that even if a user accidentally exposes sensitive files, the original document cannot be removed from the VDR.

A reliable VDR will let you set up access permissions that are granular for each folder and file within the data room. You can restrict who can access the documents, define time limits and limit downloading of entire folders or people within the data room. You can also set up an encrypted link that only the user who has been invited can access the documents stored in the data room.

The top data rooms will include various tools to help you control document sharing, protect your data with an encryption of 256 bits both in transit and at rest and manage access permissions by using two-factor authentication. They will also provide an extensive range of file formats, and include an integrated search feature that makes it easy to locate any document in the data room.