Corporate governance is a set of rules and relationships that ensure that a company is accountable to stakeholders, shareholders employees, shareholders, and the public. Whatever size or industry, every business requires solid governance practices in place to ensure a stable financial future, and build trust with customers and investors alike.

Good corporate governance is based on clear and transparent policies that are in line with the goals and interests of directors, shareholders and managers with the goals and objectives of the company. It also encourages transparency, and a commitment to responsible conduct among all stakeholder groups including the community. This promotes a long-term success strategy that reduces the risk of waste, fraud and corruption.

Bad corporate governance can make the credibility, integrity, and obligation to its investors, and can result in scandals like Volkswagen’s infamous rigging of emissions tests. These scandals can hurt a company’s image and its financial health.

Corporate governance software ensures that all stakeholders have access precise information that supports the company’s objectives. Transparency is crucial in the fight against fraud. Board management software, for instance that adheres to the latest security standards, secures information during storage and transmission and provides an automated purge of lost devices keeps confidential information safe, even when accessed via a mobile device.