A virtual dataroom for startups is an effective tool that allows acquirers and investors to get an understanding of the company’s performance during due diligence, valuation, and offers. The right VDR can speed up the process and reduce the amount of time because of a lack of clarity.

In the beginning stages of fundraising, it’s vital to upload your startup’s database as quickly as you are able to. This will save you precious time that could be used trying to find other opportunities. It is also essential to include the most important sections that will make your investor’s experience as smooth as it can be. The key sections include:

Documents that pertain to the Company Organization

This section contains the most important documents of the business, such as articles and business certificates, as well as tax documents and legal documents. Investors need to verify the authenticity of files and the startup’s status as a company prior to making an investment.

Pitch Decks

Founders are encouraged to upload their pitch decks to their data rooms even though they will likely be revised multiple times before they arrive at the final pitch deck they will use when they meet investors. It is also an excellent idea to include a brief video presentation of the product, if you can.

Financial Information

This can include both historical and projected financial statements along with the assumptions and sources that guide those projections. Investors need to know the financial condition of the startup to determine how they can assist the company achieve its objectives.

virtual data room for your startup