Whether it’s during a meeting in person or over video conference, board meetings must be focused on making decisions and establishing goals for the future. The best method to accomplish this is to follow some simple board meeting procedures.

Before any official business can be considered, it’s essential to ensure that there’s the quorum. This is typically outlined in the bylaws of an organization, and involves a call in order to confirm that there are enough people present to vote.

The chair can then inquire whether there are any corrections or additions members would like to add to the minutes of the last meeting. If none are found they can be approved as written.

After the old business is settled, you are able to start a your new venture. The board should move through the agenda item by item, allowing for discussion and voting on each. Idealy, the most important issues should be discussed at the beginning of a meeting. This is because these topics are likely to be discussed and analyzed in previous board meetings, board calls or even one-onone meetings with individual directors.

It’s important that you set clear rules for the speaking time in order to keep the meeting moving. For instance, directors must only speak after the speaker has finished. There should be no interruptions to anyone else, regardless of what their purpose is. If a topic is taking the entire time, consider moving it to the next meeting, or even arranging an interim meeting so that you can finish it in a shorter amount of time.