As opposed to many VPN providers airvpn review doesn’t try to lure you in with attractive web designs or salesy language. Instead, it has an unwavering focus on user privacy and technical transparency. This may not appeal to aesthetically-inclined customers, but it certainly shows a commitment to what matters most.

The service is powered by OpenVPN and utilizes the 256-bit encryption method to secure your data. This makes it almost impossible for hackers and anyone else trying to steal your information to decrypt.

It also has a number of security features, including a kill switch, as well as DNS leak protection. In addition, it utilizes SHA-256 for authentication, and AES-256-GCM for encryption of your traffic that makes it virtually impossible for anyone with the resources to try and break this cipher.

Airvpn is able to bypass the Great Firewall of China, that makes it different from other VPNs. It does this by routing your traffic through TCP port 443, which is normally used for encrypted web traffic.

Another feature that stands out is its support forums that are full of avid long-term users who can answer your questions. It’s not as easy to use as its competitors and the interface could be a bit confusing for newcomers.

The service has an adequate 246 servers network however, there are only a few in Asia and Oceania. Despite this, it manages to offer extremely competitive speeds on local connections – losing just 10-15 percent of your speed. The only drawback is that it obliges you to pay using Bitcoin, which eliminates all privacy and ties your account directly to the service.